Miami: Havana Cup of Coffee

Hey. Okay. I really like puns.

Over our honeymoon, we spent a few days in Miami before we took a cruise to Mexico. Whilst there, we scoped out Little Havana. With Cuba being just 330 miles away from Miami (thanks Google), there’s a rather large population of Cubans there. This all comes together in an area that is called Little Havana, which centers around 8th Street, also known as Calle Ocho. SIDENOTE -When I say it in my head, I sound like Pitbull.

We decided to start with a coffee crawl. Cuba is famous for cafecito, which is a shot of espresso and a bit of sugar.

The first place we went to was called Versailles. It was a little homey coffee shop near the cafe, which is supposedly the best Cuban food in Miami. They had a few cases of pastries, some familiar to us, others not so much. Everything looked delicious! 10379770_10153361508285017_4824947463526887509_o.jpg

While there, we ordered two cups of cafecito (0.79 cents a cup!) and two guava empanadas (0.56 cents a piece!). It was the perfect tester of Cuban baked goods. The coffee on its own was delicious: strong, but slightly sweet. The empanada was flaky and filled well, and when dipped into the coffee made for a great combo!



After this stop, we made our way over to a fruit juice shop, called Los Pinarenos Fruteria,that Yelp suggested. Apparently they had really good coffee too! We parked on Calle Ocho and were impressed with how lively the area seemed to be.


There we met the shop owner, who was a bit off. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but he was odd. But he had this sign hanging, so I can’t completely hate on him.


There we ordered a juice of ginger and pineapple, and a cup of cafecito. Whilst waiting, our legs got murdered by the mosquitoes that littered the fruit shop. Very authentic indeed.


The juice was okay. A bit sweet for both our tastes. The coffee was great! I probably would go with the coffee from Versailles, if I had to pick one or the other though. Mostly because I want to try all their baked goods.

I wish I could say that we continued to caffeinate ourselves, but we did not. Two cups in, and we called it dinner time.  A little coffee goes a long way in Little Havana!


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