I can’t whine about… free wine

Pun numero dos, in the books!

After we sampled coffees and pastries, we decided it was time for dinner. Yelp, once again came in hand, and we found ourselves at El Equisito, on Calle Ocho.

The restaurant was nicer than it appeared on the outside, and had paintings from Cuba within. The waitresses were nice (and filled our waters up many time). Also, we got a free glass of house wine with a Yelp check in!  Three pluses already.


The menus came, and Mr. Jet Plane ordered a Cuban sandwich, which was voted top 10 in the US by some manly magazine! It was quite delicious, and the bread was perfect, soft enough to chew, but thick enough to hold the contents. The little potato straws gave it a nice crunch factor. 856395_10153361508875017_6213674684604440703_o.jpg

For myself, I ordered a plate of Vaca Frita, which was shredded pork, flavored with garlic and lime. It came with a side of  yuca fries (yum) and sweet plantains (even more yum).12374918_10153361508870017_7159214935641165906_o.jpg

Our dinner there was excellent, and well priced from the quality and quantity of food we had! We did save room for dessert though, since Azucar, a Cuban ice cream shop was across the street!


The exterior of Azucar was just as cute as the interior. Inside, we tried a few samples (all delicous and creamy, in a way that traditional ice cream isn’t). Finally, we settled on Abuela Maria for him (maria cookies, guava, and cheesecake ice cream) & rum raisin for myself. Both were great!



And with that, came the sweet ending to our first day in Florida. Little Havana had amazing food, and had an amazing vibe to the area.


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