None of these will be in order of how we actually ate, but I want to document the memorable ones now before they’re too far gone in my memory.

On our honeymoon, one of the things we were looking forward to the most was our dinner at Qsine – a eclectic restaurant aboard the ship.

After a less than spectacular dinner at the French restaurant (Murano), we both were a little skeptical about Qsine. We were wrong. Qsine lived up to our expectations and more.

When we entered the restaurant, we were immediately impressed by the decor. On our table, there were buckets of forks and spoons.


Soon after being seated, our waiter gave us the menus, which were on iPads. He explained the restaurant as a tapas place for an around the world experience. The waiter told us to pick 4-5 dishes to start with. Alas, out of the 22 available, we selected about 20. The waiter came back, and told us we should rethink this decision, and we did.

Before the tapas came out, we got African bread to start. It was delicious, and when you bit into it, you realized that oil had been baked in, in a way that we had never had before. On top of that, it was garlic-y!


Though it would have been easy to eat all the bread, we knew better and had a piece each.


Soon, our first course came out, which were sushi lollipops. The ones that are bright orange were coated in Doritos!



These were delicious. The black rice and Dorito ones were probably our favorites.

Next came out the dish I had been looking forward to the most, the mediterranean suitcase.


This photo doesn’t do it justice, but this was fantastic! It was a ‘suitcase,’ with 12 little dishes of Mediterranean food. In the bottom row, there was lamb, which was fantastic. It came with a little side of pita bread. This was a lot of fun to mix and match things. Unfortunately for me, this filled me up, but I ventured forward.



Next up were spring rolls. You can’t really tell by the photo, but they were served in springs! These were good, but not amazing.


Filet mignon was next ,

Next up was our favorite – tacos. I didn’t expect much from them at first, because a taco is a taco is a taco, right? But they were mind blowingly good. The shell was fried and crispy, but soft too. The meat was fantastic, and it came with make your own guacamole.


At this point, we’re stuffed. Absolutely stuffed. And we have one course left before dessert. For this course, we ventured back home for cheeseburger sliders. The meat was excellent, and so were the fries and buns, but we were so full, that we only had a fraction of it.

Next came dessert. Our waiter came back with rubix cubes of sorts for us.


Inside, were six choices for dessert. The Mr. ordered the tombstone, and I ordered the surprise. I unfortunately don’t have a photo of my dessert (that isn’t half eaten), which was a flan of sorts or his, which was a chocolate cake with rice krispies on the bottom. I liked the tombstone better.



Overall, I was super satisfied with our meal at Qsine and I think Mr. Jet was too! My only regret was that we didn’t try all the other delicious food, but so is life!


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