Food, lately.

I sometimes take for granted how glorious Chicago is. AKA – the yelp options are endless. Sometimes, I use it to my advantage too much, AKA eating out for all the meals. I need to figure out some kinda balance!

This is kind of a jumble of random food pics on my phone from the last week or so. Some homemade, some store bought. Balance, eh?

Sushi buffet… one of many many plates. Some say they have a dessert stomach (I have one too), but I think sushi stomach should be a thing too.
When you’re 47, this is how you candle
Momma’s birthday. My brother was home from college too. It was great to have the whole family together, even if it was just for a few hours.
Stuffed acorn squash and cauliflower mash
Cherries and PB. New favorite!
Ribs, beets and roasted veg. So simple, so yum.
THERE ARE NO WORDS. Dimo’s Pizza, I love you.
So funny story, Mr. Jet got a slice of their special of the month (it had brain and gizzards and such) to go, and I wanted to stop at a donut shop on our way home. He decided to eat his pizza there, and this lady runs in and asks him if they sell pizza here too. Her face was very disappointed when we said no
Furious Spoon
Octopus balls at Furious Spoon. So. Yum.
Also… if you go to their website, and sign up for e-mails, you get 25% off your meal. #collegebudgettips
Wormhole Coffee. Their lattes are the bestest. Go there and get the peanut butter coopa troopa (SP?). Also snag a cool sticker. 
And this. Because cramps come with cravings ❤



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