Eat all the foods!

This weekend, we took a trip out to the suburbs to see our families (and to sleep in a bigger bed).

Needless to say, much food was enjoyed. We were planning on returning to the city on Monday morning, but decided to extend our stay a bit, and eat ALL the foods. It was such a fun date day!

We woke up that morning and decided to get breakfast at a little cafe chain in the North suburbs called Egg Harbor. I had fond memories of going there as a high-schooler when our school would have late arrival days, but I hadn’t been there since. When we got there, we contemplated food for a while (real talk – it was really just me, because I can NEVER pick between sweet and savory at restaurants). Finally, I decided on a skillet combo with chorizo and mushrooms and a side of banana bread french toast (!!!) and Mr. Jet got the corned beef skillet.

Can we just take a second and acknowledge how adorable their mugs are?!

After this, we went to the grocery store to pick up supplies for that night’s dessert adventure (AKA SMORES AND FONDUE), and stumbled upon this gem.

You know the word “craft” is over when Mountain Dew is using it. Has anyone else seen this?! 

My mom then came over for a girl’s date, and we ended up… getting more food, clearly. We went to Target and walked around for a bit, then went to get Korean BBQ. I had never gone to a place like this before, but essentially, you get a plate of raw meat, with all kinds of delicious fixings and lettuce, and grill the meat on your table! It was a really good deal for what we got, and we even got a bowl of bimbimbap and a plate of seafood pancakes (SALIVATE) with it!

Needless to say, I was stuffed. I went back to hang out with Mr. Jet more, and we looked over a bunch of properties we’re considering. (SIDE NOTE – we’re buying a house for the first time, and I have become very enamored with home renovation shows. Also, I spend too much time browsing the TJ Maxx home decor section).

We took a long walk around the neighborhood, and enjoyed the clean air and warmth that we’d been lacking over the winter, then decided to head out to our dinner destination – AYCE sushi!

Last time we were there, my husband’s brother was there too and they tried to beat each other’s sushi eating capabilities. This time, my husband tried to beat his own, and we ended up downing 11 rolls of sushi, and a bunch of apps. It was so good, but he had to roll me to our next destination of the night, which was bowling!

I’d never been before and I had wanted to for a while, so tonight was the night! I soon discovered I am terrible at bowling. It was a good time though! They played outrageous music videos in the background, and Mr. Jet and I think we have found our newest source of entertainment 😉

Yung Jea did not do so hot. Also… check out my MPH (3.0) WHAT WHAT


We then headed home to set up a bonfire in the backyard and roast some marshmallows for s’mores (also a first for me – I don’t know what I did with my childhood).

I still smell like this. 
Bonus: I ended the night with a fifth of each donut, and a glass of milk. So. Good. 

And that was our day/night. It was so nice to relax and eat great foods, and spend time with my husband and mom. Now back to the real world. T-minus 3 weeks to graduation and I CANT WAIT.


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