Sushi Sai and Literacy

Chicago had yet another beautiful weekend in terms of weather, and we took advantage.

Saturday was a very much needed relaxed day. A lazy breakfast was made, and shopping for the week was done.

His and hers breakfasts. His: omelette with Kerrygold cheese, bell peppers, green onions and zucchini. Hers: Irish oats with PB and berries


A book store in the Loop was a very a sidewalk sale, and we decided to check it out. They had some interesting books, but I held out for next weekend, when their sister store was having a similar sale. I may be too picky about books I read. Mr. Jet found two good deals though, and we learned that the had better prices than Amazon, so plus-plus!


“They give it you in a clear bag so everyone will know you’re literate” – Mr. Jet

After exploring that store, we debated food options for that night. It came down to making s’mores outside and sushi. We went with sushi, and found a place nearby that had AYCE, which we have apparently become pros at.

The place was called Sushi Sai, and was in the Loop. I was not expecting the quality to be very great considering the location, but I was pleasantly surprised.


We beat our old record of 11 rolls, eating 12 this time. It is the second time Mr. Jet has been warned by the waitress that he has to pay if he doesn’t finish, and he was triumphant again. This spot was far better than last week’s adventure, but still did not live up to our favorite sushi joint so far (Sushi Grove). The rice was pretty good, though I thought they could have been wrapped better. Appetizer selection was smaller, but what they did have was very good. (6.5 stars from both of us).

We stopped in for our bubble tea fix before heading home to watch Europa Report, which was a space movie about astronauts that went to Jupiter. It was decent (6.5 stars from both of us – we take our movie reviews very seriously, like our sushi ratings).

Coffee banana for me, and avocado green tea for Mr. Jet

Sunday was an early morning, as we had appointments to see houses all day. The first one we saw gave us butterflies, and the rest were very mediocre. We came to some conclusions for ourselves about what we were looking for, and overall, we saw it as a learning experience, not time wasted.

After walking a bunch that day, and not having gotten much sleep the night before, we decided that burritos, fried chicken and too many desserts was the route to go.

His and hers breakfasts. His: omelette with Kerrygold cheese, bell peppers, green onions and zucchini. Hers: Irish oats with PB and berries

This was eaten while watching Cougars, Inc. (1 star for both of us – definitely do not recommend) (PPS – apparently we were both feeling similarly all weekend on reviews). We binge watched a few episodes of Louis (which I highly recommend), and called it a night. More lessons were learned – ie. we don’t need to buy our weight in sweets to be satisfied.

Overall, we had a really good weekend, and so begins the last week of undergrad (WHAT!?!?!).


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