The end of that chapter

I’m officially done with my undergrad.

THAT’S SO WEIRD TO SAY. I have an alma-mater now. #grown

This past week has been a whirlwind, and I’m just now realizing it’s over. So here’s a disorganized summary of the happenings:

I decorated my cap!


Okay, real talk – my best friend did while I sat and ate this beauty. (Topper’s Pizza – half chicken ranch, half mac and cheese). We thought we were going to finish it all – we failed.


Then I graduated!


And ate my weight in dim sum…


And had one last Joy Yee smoothie run…


(Blackout and Avocado Red Bean)

We also moved out, but there are no photos of that. It wasn’t very pretty 😉

And now I’m here, writing this post out. Summer has officially begun and I’m so excited for what it has in store!



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