72 Hours in Atlanta

I haven’t posted on here in a while, but recent travel plans have me inspired to write more – so here it goes! A few weekends ago, two of my college roommates and I decided it was time for a girl’s weekend. One of the perks of living in Chicago is that it’s a major travel hub, so flights are relatively cheap out of here (no where near Ryanair cheap, but I’ll take what I can get).

$150 later, we were booked for Atlanta!

We took relatively early flights out, and got to Atlanta around 11am. We picked up our car and were off!

DAY 1: Vampires and Chicken 

The first day, we spent in Covington because one of our roommates is a bit obsessed with the show Vampire Diaries. You bet your bottom dollar I made all the vampire jokes I could. While she went on her tour, we wandered about and had some pie #southernaf (I have no photo of the pie but it was bomb diggity, trust me).


Image may contain: food and indoor

The ORIGINAL Chick Fil A ya’ll! Okay so history on Chick Fil A – it was originally started in Atlanta as a place called the Dwarf House. It soon grew and eventually became the Chick Fil A we know and love today, but the original building still exists, small door and all.


We then went to our Air BnB, which was on the hilliest hill I have ever seen. With my stomach full on sugar free lemonade and sweet potato casserole, I fell straight to bed.

DAY 2: Seven States

Saturday we woke up bright and early, and hit the road to visit Rock City! It was a two hour drive but so so so worth it! Rock City is hard to explain, but it’s this cool little park near the border of Tennessee and Georgia. It’s known for it’s cool rock formations, a water fall, and this dope spot where you can supposedly see seven states from.


Another really cool part of the park was Fairyland Caverns, in which they set up cool scenes that replicated popular fairy tales! 27355742_10155357893465017_6828005779373044687_o.jpg27368878_10155357897485017_6426116352560422908_o.jpg

After we finished up our visit, we were pretty hungry. YELP TO THE RESCUE. We found a cute little brunch spot and headed that way. I had a salmon salad, and my friends had soup and pancakes. (The salmon wasn’t very photogenic – so here’s some photos of their food.)27024147_10155357890660017_3476770894241382468_o.jpg27023917_10155357893335017_577127818366237189_o.jpg

We then drove back to Atlanta and made a stop at Dr. Bombay’s Underwater Tea Party. We had wanted to go for high tea, but unfortunately they were sold out for the weekend we were there. Instead we opted for scones, quiche and tea. It was a beautiful environment and if I were to go back, I would definitely make sure to get reservations.

We rounded out the night with a walk along the BeltLine, which had really cool art installations. I’m sure there was a lot more that we couldn’t see because it was dark but check it out! 27356346_10155357896105017_1433366477828867827_o.jpg

We got some BBQ for dinner (because it’s required when you’re in the South), and went to bed.

DAY 3: Reunions, Albino Alligators and Coke

Late last night, I had been talking to a friend that lives in Atlanta. We decided to meet up but the only time available was around 7am. We met at this cute cafe called the Flying Biscuit Cafe. The food was good, but it was even better to catch up!

When I got back to the Air BnB, we packed up and headed out for the aquarium and the Coke museum.

The aquarium was cool, and I’m sure many others would think it was great, but it still didn’t top the Toronto Ripley’s Aquarium. I did enjoy singing the one Little Mermaid song I know during the time we spent there though. 27503629_10155357889525017_2203293672471046800_o.jpg27164353_10155357889975017_7512832238935236795_o.jpg

AND NOW – FOR THE GRAND FINALE – THE COKE MUSEUM! YOU GUYS – I was SO excited. The museum did not disappoint. There was a lot on the history of Coca Cola, and many pieces of memorabilia that was cool to see! The highlight though was the tasting room – you could try sodas from all over the world.

In my opinion, the best tasting was the Ginger Beer from Africa. The worst tasting was Beverly, from Italy. To my understanding, it was meant to be a post meal digestive soda. I guess it works if it makes you not want to eat anything else. The most interesting flavor was the one from Japan, which was kind of like carbonated carrots. Interesting.


After our visit to the Coca Cola museum, we headed for the airport for our flights home. We got Bojangles (I still prefer Popeyes), and rocked our half buns. With that, we left for home, with our bellies full and our hearts even fuller. Thanks for a great weekend Atlanta! 19030247_10155357937260017_2612406023168681677_n.jpg


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